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That places their birth in the Mushroom Kingdom retconning Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., and Super Mario Bros., which collectively state they were born in Brooklyn and got to the Mushroom Kingdom through a warp pipe.
In the final book of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a major plot point involves the titular character obtaining the Curse of Achilles which includes one vulnerable spot that feels like a thousand volts of electricity arcing through his body when touched.
There were many theories that attempted to explain who she was and why she was never mentioned before, a fairly common one being she was Kairi's Unversed (Before the fandom really knew what an Unversed was) It turned out that she was in fact.
There was nothing that directly contradicted this theory in most of the original series, and there were a few things that seemed to support.Months before her premiere in the show, the creators posted a teaser of her character design, which was cool enough to get instant fan love and a wealth of Fanon.A popular fan theory in the Mega Man Zero series was that the Dark Elf/Mother Elf was an incarnation of Iris, Zero's infamous Gwen ciudades donde ha tocado la loteria del niño Stacy from X4, based on Zero's comment at the end of Zero 2 that he felt he might know her and.Combined with the knowledge that The Mother was in college (at the end of season 4) and would meet Ted at Barney's wedding, it quickly became a popular and very plausible theory that The Mother was her.He's been romancing an alternate universe clone of his mom, and was always known about.In the latter sense of the word, George.When he was proven as straight by Deathly Hallows note The Trio found his room loteria niños de san ildefonso with Gryffindor banners and female Muggle pin-ups, and Sirius probably wouldn't have hid the fact that he liked men.Theories about "Unknown" from Final Mix and the knights from the second game's secret ending were also invalidated.(Barbrady as South Park Police, Yates as Park County) When the characters finally interacted at length, Yates appeared to be Barbrady's superior, and the latter was fired.This was completely thrown out during the seventh and final chapter "Gods" where he gets transformed too, complete with a mind wipe and new personality as well.He was, and it was.

In several episodes, starting with 2007's "Human Nature Paul McGann 's Doctor's face explicitly appears on screen.
Any open and free democracy has to be based on true information and knowledge.
When Harmony introduces herself in the Season 9 comics however Faith offers these words: "I love that I'm supposed to be the slutty one when everyone but me has nailed Spike." A popular fan theory about Firefly 's Shepherd Book was that he had spent.Having that dead character killed off by a fictionalized variant of the exact type of person who trying to save him is delicious, delicious irony.Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 officially disproved the idea that a third version of the new games in a generation was inevitable.Star Wars Rebels : After Kanan was permanently blinded by Darth Maul in the Season 2 finale, some fans began to speculate that he was an Expy of Qu Rahn from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, a character who no longer exists in the post-Disney.Fans would come up with detailed and elaborate theories or plots during summer hiatuses, most of which got completely thrown out within three episodes of the new season.In its twenty-plus years on the air, South Park has founded the time to joss a surprising number of fan theories: After the episode "You're Getting Old" aired, which featured a lengthy exchange where Stan's parents decried the show's formulaic structure, indicated a desire for.Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors ends with a shot of the characters driving through the Nevada Desert when they notice a woman who seems to bare a resemblance to "All-Ice shortened to "Alice" by some, the apparent Egyptian mummy who according to legend has.

Especially notable as Supernatural frequently managed to create some spectacular fandom explosions whenever they Jossed the fans.
2 was in the early pre-production stages, James Gunn mentioned that he'd be introducing one of his favorite superheroes as a new member of the team.