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Red-hot sizzling hatred

A real witch spends all her time plotting to get rid of the children in her particular territory.
Because the intolerance of the Corbynite shock troops will extend to anyone who seeks to challenge their divisive and, frankly, conspiracy-obsessed doctrine.
A real witch hates children with a red-hot sizzling hatred that is more sizzling and red-hot than any hatred you could possibly imagine.
But such voters should be aware that, even though they might not be Jewish themselves, they have reason to be afraid of the pathologically intolerant forces that support and nourish Corbynism; or what used to be called the hard-Left.
Karl Marx himself (who was baptised after his Jewish father converted to Lutheranism) took this line.Those such as Yvette Cooper or Liz Kendall (both of whom stood against Corbyn in his first campaign for the Labour leadership) received appalling abuse of a sexualised nature.The only good news is that, as has happened before, the hate-filled and fanatical far-Left will end up devouring itself.But the millions of people not part of that community should be worried, too.In fairness to the father of Communism, such language was commonplace then: it is impossible to imagine a prominent newspaper publishing a tract like that nowadays.Begg, Ean Rich, Deike On the Trail of Merlin - a guide to the Celtic mystery tradition (1991)City are red-hot favourites to be crowned champions today.These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.And when it seemed likely that she might later challenge that leadership, the lesbian Labour MP Angela Eagle experienced homophobic abuse (as well as a brick thrown through the window of her office.).And these red-hot prophets in petticoats, how startled they will soon be!It is all she thinks about the whole day long.He could have moved it now for nothing short of a gimlet or a red-hot wire.Lyons catering empire was on a list of those the Gestapo had identified for immediate arrest following Adolf Hitlers planned invasion of the UK, so I owe my existence to the successful fight against the most lethal of all manifestations of anti-Semitism the German government.

Lenin and Stalin did just that to their enemies within what is laughably called the Socialist family.
Their hate extends way beyond those who demonstrated against them last week in Parliament Square.
The Sun (2007)Both are in red-hot form already this season.Times, Sunday Times (2006)The slight drop in distance won't be a problem and he can take this red-hot contest.There was something in her that was red-hot, although she was now a middle-aged woman.I suspect something like that lies behind Corbynite Labours reluctance to discipline party representatives who post articles on Facebook asserting that the Holocaust is a hoax and the Nazis gas chambers never existed (a calumny which once would have been associated only with the far-Right).His own skin had sizzled under the red-hot brand, he murmured softly.But the bite Camille had given him stung as if his skin had been branded with a red-hot iron.The Sun (2011)One must hold a red-hot fire iron to the weaker parts of one's soul.Which makes it all the more depressing and bizarre that such views have been springing from the lips of Labour Party members.

On the BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg: Give her a body bag; Id love to slap that stupid Tory b Shut your neck and jump off a cliff (No wonder the BBC felt it necessary to hire bodyguards to protect Ms Kuenssberg when she attended.